Back Lane 16 x 19″ 1978 ed. 2 woodcut on Torinoko paper

EVE d'Autun1988

Woodcut Shivas 1988 Shivas 14.5 x 19″ woodcut 1988 This print was made on a letterpress at the Bemis Foundation, Omaha, Nebraska, during my residency there. An edition of 14 was pulled, 3 remaining in the collection of the Bemis Foundation. The printer, Marc Fare, kept the first print. There are various versions of this image, in colour and on different papers, two of which are in private collections..

l'eve d'autun88 Woodcut

l’Eve d’Autun 6 x 11″ 1988 edition 17 11 are in private collections. Before beginning my 3 month residency at the Bemis Foundation in Omaha I traveled for a month in the South of France, visiting Romanesque ruins. Autun’s sculptures are some of the first to be signed by the artist Gislebertus who made them; his Eve, about to bite into the apple, moved me to tears. This image conflates two capitals done by Gislebertus, Eve biting into the apple and the 3 Magi sleeping under a blanket. ┬áBoth are marvellously concise and poetic narratives.

odalisque B&Gold1988

Shivas B&Red&Gold1988

Shivas Red and Gold on black paper 1988 19 x 14.5 edition 2 sold

Woodblock Street neg. 78

Dog and Door negative 16 x 19″ 1978 AFter printing an edition of 2 in black on white paper I printed the block in white ink and later applied sumi ink with a large brush over the entire surface.

Woodblock 78 Manhole

Manhole 16 x 20″ 1978 ed. 8 The main drawing instrument on these blocks was a razor blade, making very fine shallow cuts.

Woodcut 78 Park at Night

Park at Night 16 x 20″ 1978 Edition 8 private collection

Woodcut Ice Floes  78

Ice Floes 16 x 20″ 1978 woodcut edition of 8 This image was from memory, of a bridge 2 miles from our farmhouse in Lorette, a bridge that frequently was washed out during the Spring floods. My father had 500 acres across the Seine river from which he removed and sold tons of peat moss in the late 50’s.

Woodcut Street Dog 78

Street Dog 19 x 16″ 1978 When I lived on Sargent Street in Winnipeg in the 70’s, there was a little dog that roamed around, tough little critter. In Halifax in1990 I adopted a puppy that grew to greatly resemble this dog, my sweet little Puppette.


Crane 16 x 19″ 1978 ed. 2 woodcut on Torinoko paper


Dog and Door 16 x 19″ ed. 2 woodcut on Torinoko paper

spitz woodcut78

Street 16 x19″ 1978 woodcut on Torinoko paper

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Spitz 1984 approx. 22 x 26″ x 11″ ceramic This ceramic dog was based on the dog I saw in the south of France in 1976. I made drawings of this dog at the time and later reprised the same form in the woodcuts and then as a 3-D shape. The haughtiness and self assurance of this gesture, so frequently seen in France by the nation’s dogs, struck me as both brave in so small an animal and silly.

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Street: white version 16 x19″ 1978 Printed in white ink and then brushed over with black sumi ink to create a negative effect

3 horses

3 Horses 20 x 10″ 1978 woodcut

barking dog78

Dog 16 x 19″ ed. 8 1978 woodcut on Torinoko A stray dog rushed at me, madly barking, as I was walking past a back lane in Winnipeg. Once printed, the image was too blatant so I puttied in the dog, which remains as a vague black shape, closer to the stuff of our nightmares. The title helps to delineate the creature.