pen & ink Window 1984

Window 1984 26 x 24″ ink on Stonehenge paper This series followed the publication of Vortex and the collages that form a large part of that book. My niece Sylvia had a large doll, 3 feet tall, that got singed in the 1970 fire that destroyed my parents’ farmhouse in Lorette.

pen & ink Smoke 1985

Smoke 1985 40 x 26″ Views of Montreal, where I was currently living

pen & ink Migratory Movements

Migratory Movements 1986 26 x 40″

pen & ink Mountains 1984

Mountains 1984 26 x 40″ pen and ink on Stonehenge papere

pen & ink Gold

Gold 1984 26 x 40″ pen and ink on Stonehenge paper This drawing was a study for a 9 x 11 foot acrylic painting of the same name. I’d read that the lifeline astronauts use when doing work on the outside of the rocket ship is made of gold, one of the most stable metals. A subtitle for this image could be :greed, beauty, comfort.

pen & ink Signs 1984

Signs 1984 26 40″ pen and ink on Stonehenge

pen & ink Forces 1984

Forces 1984 26 x 40″ pen and ink on STonehenge

pen & ink Eruption 1984

Eruption 1984 26 x 40″ pen and ink on Stonehenge paper This image led to a 6 x 8′ acrylic painting which was purchased by the Canada Council Art BAnk. The Picasso sculpture on the left from Chicago’s Daley Square has figured more than once in my work. I saw it years ago on a visit to that wonderful city.

pen & ink Geometry 1986

pen7ink Birth of Venus 1984

Birth of Venus 26 x 40″ 1984 The frog on the left, the heap below it and the figure in the top right are drawn from my ceramics, the face behind is from a series of masks I’d made in Toronto and the male figure is taken from a Man Ray photo.

Pen&Ink A Dolls House 1984

A Doll’s House 1984 26 x 40″ pen and ink on Stonehenge paper The Picasso sculpture and my niece’s blackened doll both figure in this drawing. This series was done with a reed pen and india ink.

pen&ink Climbing Alone 1984

Climbing Alone 26 x 40″ 1984 pen and ink on Stonehenge paper A reference to the folly of ‘mastering’ high peaks, a Grecian warrior vainly battling superior forces.